A few years ago, we met a great guy through our involvement with a music & wine event.  He was really interested in Randy’s work and the story behind Lightning Wines.  On one particularly fun night out he was also compelled to offer us some help with our little wine brand. At different times throughout the night he talked about connecting us with a friend of his who had been in the wine industry for years, and was specifically involved with Rhone wines.  At the end of the night, and the end of every bottle of wine he had on hand, he handed Randy a folded up piece of paper and said, “You really should contact this guy. He could have a big impact on your business.”

We got home that night and Randy unfolded the paper so he could put it on his desk and follow up.  This is what he saw:

Andy.  No last name.  No phone number. No email.
We had a good laugh and pinned it on the fridge.
Over the years, every couple of months, one of us will ask the other if we’ve heard from Andy.  No Andy yet.

Until recently.
In November, we poured at the Rhone Rangers tasting in Los Angeles.  A gentleman walked up, tried the wines and mentioned that a friend of his told him to seek us out at the tasting. He shook Randy’s hand and introduced himself. Randy looked at him, turned to me and said “Brooke, meet Andy”.


We found him! Only 3 years later……

XXOO – Brooke