Randy’s Mac & Cheese (recipe in photos)

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without these three things:
  1. Our favorite movies (His: Home for the Holidays, Mine: Love Actually)
  2. Lightning wines (natch)
  3. Randy’s macaroni & cheese (R isn’t a fan of most holiday foods so this tradition started when he realized he better bring something to the table that he would actually eat*).

FullSizeRender (24)Randy’s mac & cheese recipe is top-secret. He won’t write it down for me so I took photos of his process so we could piece it together. Let me know if you think you’ve figured it out – AND, how it turns out!

Say cheese! XXOO Brooke

*I’m sure you are curious – what does Randy eat at holiday meals? Only the mac & cheese and rolls. Maybe some ham.  True Story.