Good memories.

IMG_4061I found some of my Grandma’s  old ornaments when I unpacked my Christmas decorations last week and it made me think back of some of my favorite memories of her.

A few things about my Grandma:

  • She loved Young & The Restless. My mother did not allow us to watch soaps at home so we could only watch at Grandma’s house. AND WE LOVED IT! Victor, Nicki, Phyllis…agghhhh!
  • She made the best spagetti and meatballs. I learned later she used  a canned sauce but it never changed my mind. I still loved it more than all the homemade sauce my Mom made (sorry Mom!).
  • She mailed me cookies and candied orange slices when I was away at college my Freshman year. I loved seeing those care packages in the dorm mailroom.
  • She had a dressing table in her room and gave us her almost-empty powder compacts to play with. She had her perfume lined up on that table and I still stop in my tracks if I smell her scent in a crowd.

FullSizeRender (20)

When she passed away, every grandchild received some things to remember her by.  This is what makes me smile every day when I see it….

XXOO – Brooke