The Almighty Pickled Okra


Okra is a Southern summer staple and most everyone loves it fried. But once summer leaves us behind, we can still enjoy them pickled.  Crispy and tangy, pickled okra is my favorite condiment for sandwiches and burgers. A bloody mary just isn’t as fun without it, and you can find all types of delicious recipes calling for this crunch (I just read a recipe for deviled eggs with okra)!

Since I don’t pickle my own, I just stock up when I can!

My faves…..fw200707_pickles

Last minute and easy to find but delicious is the Talk o’ Texas brand.

If I know I need them in advance for a party OR I’m actually in the Fredericksburg area, I always defer to the Square Headed Germans at Hill Country Homestyle Canning. (Side note: Randy is addicted to the pickled jalapenos too!)

Happy snacking! XXOO – Brooke