Big Hair, Big Dreams

Big Hair How-To

A coiffed crown is confident and bold; refined but sassy. It never goes out of style and according to Steel Magnolias-wisdom, it might save me….

The bigger the hair, the closer to God.

Big-hair trends come and go – clip-in extensions and Bumpits come to mind – but all a girl really needs is a can of good hairspray and a rat tail comb.  Here’s how you can do an at-home Big Hair Day:

IMG_34881. Towel dry hair, then apply a volumizing mousse or spray to the roots.

2. Flip your head over and blow dry almost completely.

3. Section your hair off into large chunks. Using Velcro rollers and a good hairspray, comb each section out, spray and roll away from face. (You can use hot rollers if you prefer!)

4. Once all hair is rolled, blow dry until dry and spray again with hairspray.

5. After you remove the rollers, DO NOT BRUSH. Flip your head over again and using your fingers, just shake out the roots.IMG_3471

I’m a big woman. I need big hair. – Aretha Franklin

6. Flip your head back over and section off hair about 2 ½ inches from your hairline.

7. Using the rat tail comb, backcomb each section at the roots (go all the way to the roots) and spray with hairspray.

8. Work your way back towards your crown.

9. To smooth out, use a brush lightly on the top layers. DO NOT BRUSH OUT ALL YOUR HARD WORK! The key is to just smooth out the top layer over the crown.

10. Don’t touch. Work is done. You can spray again to seal the deal!

That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets. – Mean Girls (2004)

 —- XXOO Brooke

UPDATE: Look what I just received in the mail for my birthday – The Southern Comfort gift-set from DryBar!

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