#fridayiminlove….The Kolache

One of my favorite childhood foods was this Czech-Texan pastry. And not just any kolache!  My favorite was  a poppy seed filling in a pillowy dough made by my Aunt Carolyn. I went home for a family reunion two summers ago and almost jumped up and down when I saw that familiar round pie dish filled with her pastries.

I moved to Houston after college and encountered a whole new kolache world in the Kolache Factory. These kolaches contained bacon, eggs, cheese – and Randy’s favorite below, sausage.  These pastries have gained even more popularity over the last few years- even the New York Times wrote about these Czexan specialties!

Finding a new (to you) mom-and-pop bakery in a little town is part of the fun of road-trips in Texas.  My last trip home included a stop at Hruska’s (on Highway 71 between Houston and Austin) and the choices were endless. But I found myself pointing at my old fave, the Poppy Seed roll.


XXOO – Brooke