Texafornia Style
















You may have noticed that my home and my wardrobe are a little eclectic.  From Kinky Friedman framed posters to paintings from local Northern California artists to my deer antlers on the wall, I love keeping it interesting. My must-haves are glitter and bright colors and there’s not much I wear that doesn’t look even better when I throw my cowboy boots on.

I was trying to explain our style recently and Randy used the perfect word – “Texafornia” – a blend of where we were born and raised and where we now live and work.  We are intermingling our Texas roots with Napa Valley.

To help show our Texafornia Style, I put together a Pinterest page where I could compile images and share with our friends and customers.  Feel free to tag us if you have a photo that fits in – we’d especially love to see photos of how and where you enjoy Lightning Wines.

As Randy says – Serious wines, fun people.  We hope you enjoy seeing our fun side!

Cheers!  xxoo Brooke